Your New Addiction. Taste ATL: The Series.

Lyshae Rollins of Rollins Mediaverse brings us Taste ATL the Series – a digital scripted series following the lives and loves of a dynamic friend circle of queer womxn, which draws you into an underworld of varying Lesbian “situationships”. Shy, Long Island native Marliegh moves to a new city to claim her independence. As she joins forces with an eclectic bunch, she discovers an underworld of love, lust, and lies in magically melanated Atlanta, Georgia.

Director Lyshae Rollins of Rollins Mediaverse

For womxn who are new to the LGBTQ “Scene” you’ll identify with the new “Lesbian” in town who is dying to get a taste of what she’s been missing out on…or is she moving too fast?

Pictured: Marleigh played by Mya Yafai, Taste ATL: The Series, 2021

For womxn who have been in the game— you’ll be entertained by the archetypal depictions of Queer Womxn that we’re all too familiar with. You’re also sure to find a reflection of yourself in one of the characters—who are fine as hell might I add!

Pictured: Jo, played by Stephanie Kirnon and Marleigh
sharing a kiss in this sexy club scene, Taste ATL: The Series, 2021

An added bonus: You’ll catch plenty Lezcronymz Designs making cameos in the series including: “Dope Boi,” “Pussy, Money, Weed, “Femme Zaddy” and more!

Jo & Marleigh rock Limited Edition Lezcronymz Teez in Taste ATL: The Series, 2021

The full cast line-up includes: Mya Yafai as Marliegh, Stephanie Kirnon as Jo, Chris Hughes as Tee, Keishia “REAL” Gordon as CJ, Anthony Erby as Martell, Alex Aldrich as Erica, and Summer Finley as Raine.

Get to know the cast and director, Lyshae Rollins, of Taste ATL: The Series all week on EdibleWordz.com and don’t forget to get your tickets for the Sneak Peek of Taste ATL: The Series! We’ll be watching together online at the For the Love of Cannabis Speed Dating & Friending Event!


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